Tarrago® Shoe Cream - Pineneedle (Green)

By Care Products

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SKU TCT31-13

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Tarrago Shoe Cream is crafted from carnauba wax and beeswax for nourishment, shine maintenance and color enhancement. This product creates lasting shine and ensures waterproof protection, nutrition and flexibility to leather, while providing full coverage.

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Product Care & Instructions
SKU: TCT31-13
Tarrago Shoe Cream (50mL)
Price: $7.98
Product Use: Smooth Leather & Man-Made Leather
Color: Pineneedle
Product Information:
-Natural carnauba wax and beeswax
-Improve the appearance of colors
-Nourish & Shine
Care Instructions:
1. Spot check before full application
2. Clean shoe surface with a dry cloth
3. Apply evenly with a clean cloth and allow to dry

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