Tana® Suede Cleaner

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Clean, condition, and restore your suede and nubuck shoes. The Tana Suede Cleaner is specifically formulated to clean and remove most stains and spots by softening and conditioning your worn-in shoes. With a bristled cap for cleaning and restoring nap, your shoes will return to their former glory in no time!

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Product Care & Instructions
Tana Suede Cleaner (130G)
Price: $10.98
Product Use: Suede & Nubuck
Color: All Colors
Product Information:
-Removes stains while softening/conditioning
-Used on all types/colours of suede and nubuck
-Light coloured suede/nubuck will darken during
treatment but will dry to the original shade
Care Instructions:
1. Spot check before use
2. Clean shoe surface with a soft brush
3. Shake bottle well before use
4. Hold bottle upright; spray lightly and evenly holding can 20cm away
5. Wipe clean with a soft/colorless cloth 
6. If needed, repeat steps over
7. Use bristled bottle cap to restore surface
8. Allow to dry completely  

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