Pedag® 3_Natural Protector

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Pedag® Natural Protector is an eco-friendly waterproofer that protects against moisture, dirt and stains. 100% free of PFC and solvents, this formula's 3-D molecular structure effectively protects all materials, leaving them supple and breathable. This environmentally friendly, biodegradable protector is water-based and odorless to be safely used in closed spaces.

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Product Care & Instructions
SKU: 833.05
Pedag® 3_Natural Protector (220mL)
Product Use: Smooth Leather; All Materials
-Bags and Shoes
Price: $15.99
Product Information:
-Eco-friendly; 98% biodegradable, PFC-free, water-based
Care Instructions:
1. Clean shoe with dry cloth/brush
2. Stuff shoes with newspapers to protect inside the shoe
3. Shake product before use
4. Spray product lightly and evenly holding can 20cm away
until surface is damp
5. Rub product gently into the surface a soft brush
(suede)/cloth (leather)
6. Allow to dry for 10 minutes; can repeat steps 4&5 for
maximum effectiveness
7. Leave set for 24 hours; buff smooth leather/brush suede

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