UGG Care Kit - Neutral

By Ugg

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UGG's Sheepskin & Suede Care Kit is great for maintaining the look and quality of your Ugg boots! This care kit includes a protector, cleaner, shoe renew, brush and eraser. All of the products you need to keep your boots looking brand new!

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Product Care & Instructions
UGG Care Kit - Neutral
Price: $34.98
Product Use: Sheepskin, Suede & Leather (Read Directions on Bottle Before Use)
Color: Neutral
Product Information:
1. Protector - Protects against rain, snow, dirt & stains
2. Cleaner & Conditioner - Removes stains/refreshes sheepskin, suede & leather
3. Shoe Renew - Cleans/deodorizes insoles
4. Suede Brush - Removes excess dirt/residue and restores upper after treatment
5. Suede Eraser - Soft, crepe bristles removes spots & marks; lifts away surface dirt
Care Instructions:
1. Shake well before use
2. Clean shoe surface before application
3. Spray surface evenly (until damp not wet) from 6 inches away in a well ventilated          area
4. Allow boots to dry for 24 hours, keeping out of heat & sunlight
5. Once dry, gently use brush in a single direction to restore boot's surface
Cleaner & Conditioner
1, Do not apply directly to material
2. Gently brush surface before use to remove dirt
3. Moisten surface with clean/damp sponge
4. Apply a small amount of formula to the sponge and gently apply to surface
5. Allow to dry for 24 hours, avoiding heat/sunlight
6. Once dry, use suede brush in a single direction to restore surface
Shoe Renew
1. Prevent odor by spraying into shoes after each use
2. Wipe away excess residue

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In 1978, a young Australian surfer founded UGG in Southern California. His Aussie heritage forged a strong love for sheepskin, and he was convinced the world would one day share this love. UGG joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2016, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, committing to operating their business with the utmost respect for human rights, labor standards, responsible environmental practices, and anti-corruption. UGG believes in the empowerment of all people, preserving the planet, and crafting products made to last. 

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