Pedag® 1_Pure Cleanser

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The eco-friendly Pedag Pure Cleanser is a highly effective cleaner for all materials. This 100% biodegradable, solvent-free and skin-friendly solution dissolves stains and dirt from all materials and keeps your shoes, bags & leather accessories looking their absolute best!

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Product Care & Instructions
SKU: 831.05
Pedag 1-Pure Cleanser (220mL)
Price: $15.98
Product Use: Smooth Leather Shoes & Bags
-leather accessories
Product Information:
-Eco-Friendly: Solvent-free, 100% biodegradable
-In-depth cleansing of all materials, dissolving dirt/stains
Care Instructions:
1. Spot check before Use
2. Clean shoe surface with a dry cloth
3. Shake bottle well before use
4. Moisten a clean brush with water and apply a few sprays to either the brush or surface      you want to clean
5. Scrub the surface, creating foam; cleaning the entire surface of both shoes to avoid a        difference in color once dry
6. If needed, repeat steps 2-5 times, wiping the surface clean with a cloth
7. Allow to dry for 24 hours; once dry, buff smooth leather/brush suede

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